59% of employees find their workplace stressfull. 

This number increases in some industries and for some groups within those industries. Organisations often struggle to help their employees deal with that stress. This is because....... 

Organisations do not know the challenges their employees face in the workplace. 

There are many reasons for this, but mainly it's because as employees, we don't tell them. 

Employees don't always tell organisations about the problems they encounter them for a number of good reasons. 

We might not want to seem weak, we might think we won't be believed, we might not want to get someone into trouble, we might not want to get ourselves into trouble, we might not even be sure of what is happening ourselves. Often it can seem like there are more reasons to say nothing than to say something. 

This can mean employees often feel like they only have two choices when faced with inappropriate behaviour.

To make a formal complaint or stay quiet. Both of these options usually lead to employees leaving the company. 

We decided a third option was needed, so we created The Duck Project.

We believe that if we, as employees,  start to recognise the obstacles we face and understand why they are holding us back. We will be able to, not only address them but learn from them and use them to advance our careers.

This doesn't mean organisations should do nothing. 

The Duck Project doesn't exist to get companies off the hook. There is still a lot of work they need to do to create welcoming and inclusive cultures for everyone. We just know that until organisations achieve this, the people that work within them need a way to take control when faced with inappropriate behaviour. 

Imagine if, instead of being held back by these obstacles, we could turn them into advantages.

Now wouldn't that be something?



Our vision is to turn workplace obstacles into advantages. 

Our mission is to provide tools and systems that understand and give meaning to the experiences you have in the workplace.

The Duck Project aims to be a hub of tools, information and resources that will you to take control of your workplace experiences. 

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Isn't it time you felt in control of your career?