Why does work take away my energy, and how do I get it back?

Workplaces can give us energy; if we get some great feedback or complete a difficult task, we can feel ready to tackle the world. They can also take energy away; if we are overwhelmed with work or have unclear guidelines for example, it can be challenging to get going. Learning what gives and takes energy from us can be an essential milestone in our career progression. A milestone that can help us to be productive and enjoy the work that we do.

The first step is to identify what gives us energy and what takes it away.

Many things can impact our energy levels, here are some examples;

• Introvert or extrovert state (few people are entirely one or the other)

• Cultural factors

• Gender expectations

• Learning style

• Personality types (Jung Blue, Green, Red and yellow)

• Past experiences

• Current pressures

• Future concerns

• Integration into the group

• Unrealistic workloads

• Poor management and leadership

• Poor organisational structure

This list is not exhaustive. Some of these things may impact on you, and some may not. There are even a few sneaky ones that you might not even realise are having an affect.

Often the things that give energy to the dominant individual or groups are valued more. This can result in anyone not fitting the mould feeling a bit more exhausted or drained trying to keep up.

For example, If you have an inflexible boss or leader in your work team that likes to work in a different style to you. Maybe they want to have more interaction than you would prefer or have a vastly different background. These things might make you find the workplace more tiring.

It's necessary to understand this is rarely intentional. Often people will see their actions as "normal" or "common sense" because it is what is known to them. For now, we just want you to start understanding that this happens, but, in case you need it here is a simple approach to managing situations like this in the workplace;