Can you help us gather industry experiences?

For the last few weeks, I have played around with some ideas for blog. I wanted to provide content that resonated with individuals and provided solutions. I also felt that, where there were organisations who wanted to move forward, this was an opportunity to help them. It could at least give employees some ideas to give to their managers/organisations.

I’m therefore proposing that each week contains a blog series that takes us from an initial experience and walks us through the options we have (excluding legal) in the following order.

Mon – Identify: What happened?

Tue – Understand: Why might it have happened. What does the research say?

Wed – Address: What can individuals put in place to overcome this challenge?

Thurs – Leadership: How can managers show leadership if this happens within their teams?

Fri – Structure: What can organisations do on a fundamental level to help minimise this occurrence?

Where possible, I will use the examples provided by you, the reader. If you have experienced something similar, have some additional productive advice or feel we have missed something, please do comment. We read a lot, and we know a lot, but we don’t know everything, The Duck Project only becomes powerful if we collaborate.

We also want to post experiences onto the forum to help people see if other people are going through something similar. We are planning on capturing stories from social media on so that we can organise them in a central repository. Please do send us links if you see something interesting.

If nothing else see this as an opportunity to get specific questions answered in depth by an expert without cost to you, helping others at the same time.

Share your experience, contact us directly or join the community by logging in at the top right of the home page.

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