By always learning, look we are not claiming that we know everything there is to know. All we are saying is we know quite a bit, and if we all work together, we think we can use The Duck Project to help each other create a better working experience. We will do that by creating tools and systems for you to use, gathering research and, perhaps most importantly, creating a space for you to add your experiences and solutions. 

All of our courses, blogs and plans are informed by peer-reviewed research, and we are always researching. We aim to grow along with the knowledge in these areas. We see The Duck Project as an organiser of relevant knowledge, taking complex academic themes and making them easily accessible for busy people. 

So if you disagree. GREAT, research changes all the time, share what you know on our forums, on our blog (always happy to have guest posts) or by contacting us directly. 

See something that might help. BRILLIANT, pop it up on the forum, blog about it. Let everyone know. 

Spot a mistake. FANTASTIC We are not happy we made a mistake, but we are delighted that someone as lovely as you found it and is willing to let us know. We are a small team made up of humans, so mistakes are going to happen. It fills our hearts with joy when people reach out to help us by letting us know. 

Think we are just plain wrong. EXCELLENT, let's discuss it. In a lovely way that assumes we are all just trying to do our best. Some of these topics are complicated, and one size does not always fit all. So please do tell us what you think. We want to know, and others might need to.

Want to get involved? BLOOMIN MARVELLOUS. We are super small and self-funded. At the moment The Duck Project runs at a cost. That's OK; we want The Duck Project to be what it needs to be for employees, not our pockets or investors, so we have decided not to focus on income for at least two years. That means we will take all the help we can get. So if you think your skills could add value, please let us know how. We will always pay where we can and have a little budget for somethings, but if we cant and you still want to be involved, we will adore you like the luminary you are.