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MCIOB BSc(Hons) PgDip

I founded The Duck Project because I don't think organisations are moving fast enough to overcome the challenges employees are facing in the workplace. However, I don't believe organisational action is our only solution. Throughout my career, I noticed; the most inappropriate behaviours, the experiences that knocked me back and the failures I endured were also the things that taught me the most. It made me wonder - what if we set out to proactively learn from our experiences, rather than just stumbling along the knowledge at a later date. 

You probably want to know why I think you should pay any attention to what I have to say about your experiences. So here is my reasoning.

I've lived it.

I spent over seventeen years working for organisations. Mostly as a woman in a male-dominated space. In that time, I faced a variety of inappropriate behaviours that impacted my career and my health. I believe there is real value in knowing how complicated and challenging the realities of these experiences are. 

I've done it.

I don't think I have always been a good manager or leader; there are times where I know I have been a terrible one. Being able to reflect on that will help us understand how to manage, influence and support other bad managers. 

I've studied it.

At length and in-depth, I have degrees in Managing Equality, Promoting Diversity and Construction Management. I have submitted a PhD looking at how fairness impacts organisations. Additionally, I have undertaken structured courses on delivering learning, management and leadership, and career progression. Most importantly, I know what proper research looks like, my PhD taught me that, and I read a lot of it. Then I apply it to tools and system that can help you. 

I've contributed knowledge.

I have had papers published by peer review. You can find the one with empirical evidence for the link between fairness and equality here - it's my favourite.

I've worked with organisations

Over the past twelve years, I've worked with hundreds of companies, through my company Constructing Equality Limited on their ambitions around fairness and equality. I've been on tens of industry boards and supported many individuals. This work has seen some significant impacts; Including influencing the construction industry to adopt the fairness approach to equality. I've also enjoyed seeing companies improve employee engagement by 5% and the career advancement of individuals. 

I've spoken about it.

A lot, in many places including the House of Lords and The WOW festival at South Bank. 

I've written about it.

For magazines, blogs and government papers. 

Most importantly, I care very deeply about it.

So much so that I have given up my time, my money and my first beloved career to improving peoples experience in the workplace. Im not saying I always get it right, I am saying I will always try to.

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Guiding The Duck Project

To help the Duck Project help employees a steering group is in place to oversee decisions. The group is represented by a number of organisations including Transport for London, NG Bailey, The Crown Estate, Willmott Dixon, Seddon, Ambitious about autism, ICE, WSP, BPIC, Women in Transport and NAWIC.